Maurice Lacroix Pontos D

After titanium watch’s success, Maurice Lacroix issued the Ben-tao series of eccentric two time zones watch. Market response was tremendous, even though it’s a limited edition watch. No one can aviod being influenced by it. The watch successfully captured the attention of consumers around various continents. It’s really an eccentric timepiece, as well as a hot sale watch. It is high time that you ventured out and purchased one for yourself.
Watch with unique character
Everyone wants his watch to be attractive. Ben-tao series have all the nice characteristics of the original and promote it. Special innovative double design displays fine and pure spirit. Eccentric arrangement with placement maks it a different one.

Two time zones face plate design, including the local time, hours, minutes and seconds displays begin with eccentric means arranged. But the two time zones design is not the only special about this watch. In addition, between 2 o’clock and 5 o’clock, there is even sun and moon dial which clearly shows the second to the time zone of the day and night. The dial also designed with the sun and moon, the special display of day and night relys on matte and shiny sapphire crystal mirror to be separated.

Fine craft makes it a hot sale
Maurice Lacroix has issued numerous luxury designer watches. Each series have its own charm because of fine design and sophiscated craftship. Pontos D

Black Mamba of Nubeo Watch-Love of Kobe

A piece of high-end Swiss watch on our wrist seems to annotate success. A piece of high-end watch on wrist of stars can absolutely say their big success. There is no exception to many celebrities especially to some sports stars.

The high-end watch brand—Nubeo starts its cooperation with Kobe Bryant two years ago, and issues a high-tech sports watch at limited edition which is named as Black Mamba. This watch has uniqueness in crowds of watches. Kobe is not only the spokesman, but also a designer fot this watch. Now we take a look at this watch.

Nubeo has been famous for jellyfish model, but this Black Mamba is a shockling wonderful work for unique design and decoration of sapphire. And, Kobe also praises the watch that it is a beautiful watch, and we could not see through all secrets inside this watch, which seems to have same performance with Kobe at basketball court.
What kind of watch can be matched with the big guy in filed of basketball who has won four championships? The answer is the Black Mamba which has very masculine model. Furthermore, this watch takes kobe as its designing inspiration. The ceramic movement, the leather strap, the watch case made of titanium, all the detailed designs choose masculine trends. Of course the price of the luxury watch is also shocking: $25,000 as starting price.

Additionally this watch only issues 1074 pieces. For its individual model, Kobe uses Black Mamba as his new nickname. After gaining MVP at last game season, Kobe sent his teammate each Nubeo watch. The classic black as main hue, the pointer in sword shape, the three small round ring, the diamond decoration around the watch dial, all the characteristics of this Black Mamba can attract almost all of us.

Available Desirable Designer Watches

Do you know what type of watch fits you well? In other words, do you master a lot about selecting appropriate watches for yourself? If not, there is no need for you to worry about such a problem. Actually, most of the people are confronted with the same problem. If you want to purchase a desirable designer watch, you may as well follow my advice and take it into consideration next time.

Movado is a Swiss famous brand of watch created by Achille Ditesheim in 1881. Such a man became the entrepreneur at the age of 19. Since 1881, such a company has deserved more than two hundred awards concerning the innovation of watch design and watch making. In terms of Movado watches, the Museum watch is the most popular one. The designer of this timepiece is Nathan George. The Museum watch is considered as the epitome of modernism. So far Movado has boasted over one hundred patents.

Casio watch is another good option. The original manufacturing center founded in 1957 was located in Tokyo. Today, Casio Subsidiaries are spread across the world. Besides, Casio watches have been well-received by people of the world. You are offered a wide selection of all types of watches like sport, casual, and elegant ones. Though Casio digital watches are best-known, analog watches are also no less popular.

Fossil watch is also a well-renowned brand. The corporation handles other products like clothing and accessories. However, since its establishment, fossil watches have become a kind of major product with a retro image. Various designs of Fossil watch straps are available to you. You can choose leather straps or steel straps in different sizes and shapes.

Different famous brands of watches can be found in the market. Besides, watches with different designs and styles are sold. You are sure to get a nice one for yourself.

Story of Gloves and Monkey

One day, a monkey saw a crowd of people wearing gloves of various colors, such as red, green, purple and yellow ones, while he was wandering in the city. This scene touched his heart; as a consequence, he bought a pair of gloves.

When he came back, other monkeys envied his gloves very much and all gave a positive comment on them. At the moment, an old donkey said, “ though gloves is beautiful, it isn’t applicable to monkey.” Hearing these words, the monkey angrily said, “ you saying so must be out of envy, why don’t the monkey use gloves?” The old donkey replied, “ you need to climb the tree every day, or else how do you clawed at the tree?” The monkey retorted, “I am quite good at climbing the tree. It doesn’t matter for me to do in gloves. ”The old donkey hadn’t persuaded the monkey to give up his idea, so he left.

 Next morning, the monkey felt his stomach empty, so he decided to get some fruits to eat. He saw a tree in front him infesting with big red apples, then he ran to the tree and climbed up. After he picked up lots of apples, he jumped to the ground, however, owing to the smooth gloves, he didn’t catch the tree, and as a result, he fell from the tree.

 After this lesson, the monkey knew that monkeys couldn’t wear gloves.

The story tells us a truth that even though something is quite intriguing, it is not necessarily suitable to us. If you try something easily, you will probably suffer losses.

Creative Leopard Print Lips Reveal Your Sexy and Funky Style

Leopard print lips are always in trendy. There are many leopard prints such as leopard shoes, bra and suit and so on here and there in our daily life. Today, I share the leopard print lips with us.

As we all know the creative lips send out a woman’s charm and sex appeal. The leopard lips are the one can make you in funky and chic smell. Here I am going to share how to get the sorta leopard print pink lips. I tried to keep it as simple as it’s possible.

The first step:

At the first is applying lip moisturizer on. Wait a little bit untill it’s absorb in. And all the extra moisture you can wipe off with a paper tissue.

The second step:

Line the lips with any pink lip liner you have. Don’t forget to put your lip liner on corners of the mouth! It looks such ridiculous when people ignore this part of the mouth. Please, connect bottom lip line with upper!

The third step:

Gently blend out all the harsh lines with a finger tip to get nice and smooth pink base sorta.

The last step:

With a regular eye shadow applicator pad on any Bright Pink color on, Matte or shimmery it’s totally up to you. And line your lips one more time. Just in case for precise lip contour line. And with a liquid black eyeliner start to draw a leopard print all over the lips. I used The Face Shop Black liquid eyeliner with a thin brush tip applicator.

Ice Watches – Different From other Brand Watches

When talking about Ice watches, some people may wonder what Ice watches are. Ice watches is a new watch brand which was established in 2007. Their stylish looks and stylistic designs make their watches quickly well known in watch markets. Their low prices and different styles attract people at all ages. People know the Ice watches, but a few of them know about the short and interesting history behind the watches.

The Ice brand was started in Belgium in 2007. And in the past three years, Ice watches become world widely famous. Just like the Cartier watches, they are worn by many celebrities and it helps to promote their watches. Ice corporation not only produce luxury watches, but also low cost watches which are in good quality and fashionable styles. You would be surprised by the low cost Ice watches; they are designed in various types and colors. If you get such an Ice watch, you would know that the watch you bought is more valuable than the money you have invested.

Ice watches are different from other brand watches, the colors and styles of the watches are the ones you could picture in your mind and never found among other brand watches. All the Ice watches are decorated with Swarovski crystals and they are just as shinny as “Ice”. The straps of all the Ice watches are uniquely designed and they would give you a new feeling of elegance.

The other unique feature of the Ice watches is that they are designed to be unisex. You could easily buy the one you love best and do not need to worry about whether it is for ladies or men. These features make the Ice watches very special and different from other brand watches.

Now the Ice watches are sold in nearly 50 countries around the world and there are thousands of agents and retailers are selling their watches to give the watch lovers new options. Ice corporation update their new collections constantly. That means you could spend a little amount of money in changing wristwatches frequently. You will be the one always in trends.

Introduction of the Beautiful Agate


Chemical formula: Sulfur dioxide
Rigidity: 7
Refractive index: 1.54-1.55

Agate is different with other crystal stones, it has unclear crystallization shape. Its crystallization can only be seen under the microscope.

The crystallization is full of a special kind of sand which makes the appearance of the agate smooth, soft and moist. This kind of agate is productive and there are various kinds in nature. There are producing areas almost everywhere in the earth.

Agate is originated mainly in Brazil, Africa, the United States, India and German. The black agate we usually say is the agate which is heated to black, so it won’t fade. The function of agate: It is regarded as one of the seven treasures of Buddhism.

Since the ancient times, people apply this kind of stone to exorcise the evil spirits, or take it as amulet. It symbolizes friendliness and hope. It can also help you to ease your pressure, decrease your weariness and the like. Take some agate under your pillow. It will be conductive to your sleep, and bring you good dreams.

It can erase electromagnetic for some of your jewelry, such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. In the ancient magic times, people write down their wishes in a piece of paper, and then fold the paper carefully and put it in to an Agate cornucopia. After one or two days, they will take the paper out of the Agate cornucopia and burn it, thus, their dreams can be take to the god by the fire. In this way, they believe that their dream will come true finally.

Students should take the agate along with them to the greatest extent. They can absorb the good qualities of water, such as clever, nimble, learning ability, and adaptation.

Salesmen can wear it to make a better friendship with their customs. They will deal with different situations in their work. When you put it in your bedroom, it will be very romantic, and you can have a nice time with your spouse. The red agate can improve your internal system and enhance your blood circulation. Keep your body in good condition.

In addition, it can also eliminate affective disorders, and prevent the infertility. The orange agate is good for your rectum, stomach and intestine.Moreover, it has the function of preventing constipation, so it will expel the poison in your body. Last, it can also ease the liver complaint, rheumatism, mental disorder and so on.