Apple Launches New Apple Support Communities

For Mac users, the support discussion forum of Apple has been a very prevalent location to interact with each other as well as get more help from other users. In the past, Apple claimed that the forums would be developed into a brand-new social-based website, namely Apple Support Communities. Yet there seemed to be no further information for these changes in the past several months. Now, it is time to make the dream come true. On April 15th, the new community site went live.

Now, the support site is very user-centric and possesses a totally different layout. Therefore, if you have utilized the Apple discussions frequently, you may be a little bit confused through the changes. Nevertheless, the organization of this site is still similar.

At the very beginning, these discussions were composed of a main forum contents page containing sections for each Apple product. In these sections, users can post various questions. Although there are some changes in the new website, the main organization still consist in which every product of Apple is represented by the “community”.

These communities support a large amount of user-centric characters, such as subscriptions and notifications, home pages, personal RSS feeds and status information. As to postings, they also get the support of a lot of styling options and new organization including the use of popularity-based tagging as well as threaded discussions. All features can help users search for answers to their questions and avoid redundancy in the website.

Anyway, I think time is the only way to check out whether it is useful or not. I recommend you to check this new site out and experience its innovative features. If you lost in the site, just search for your support area in “communities” areas.