A Woman Would Never Have Enough Bags

A fashion woman would not go out without a bag. Bags are the modern accessories for any fashion lady. If you look around in the street, you’ll find that every woman would be carrying a handbag in hand. If you spend enough time to observe the same woman’s bag every day, you’ll find out a secret among the women. The secret is, very few women would carry the same bag all the time. Fashion women would not carry the same bag day after day. In fact, there is a bold fact between the women and the bags. What is it? Look at the headline. A woman would never have enough bags. Why is that?

The fashion allure

Fashion designers put forward new bags with new designs every year, every season and even every month. The new arrivals of fashion branded bags are very alluring for any woman, especially the fashionistas. In the face of the alluring fashion handbags, how could a woman say that she has enough of bags?

The actual need

Besides the fashion allure, a woman does need a lot of bags. She needs a formal bag to go to work; she needs a casual bag for the daily outgoing; she needs a gorgeous bag to take part in the party; she needs a large bag to do the shopping; she needs… Yes, a woman has much need for various bags. She needs proper bag to present a proper image. And that proper bag would be the numerous bags. So, a woman could never have enough bags.

Satisfaction requirement

When a woman carries a fashion handbag, whether it is for work or for daily go-out, she would feel confident and satisfied with her image. She needs to be confident and satisfied in order to have a fresh day. So, required by one’s satisfaction sense, a woman could never have enough handbags.

So, how many bags do you have?