My Favorite Baume & Mercier Watches

I am fascinated with watches. They can help me to collocate my dresses and I can check my time immediately. It becomes my hobby to collect different brand watches. They are just like good friends of mine. I remenber each of them and I gave a name to each of them. They are really helpful and they were brought to different occasions by me. Thanks to my watches, I were admired by people for my tastes. My favorite watches are designer watches. The watches brands I like the best is Baume & Mercier. They are of outstanding and high quality. I can trust them entirely. Once I forgot to take my Baume & Mercier watch off when I was swimming in the swimming pool. I worried about that will it broke down? But my Baume & Mercier watch showed its excellent quality and it was just fine. Besides, once I was climbing cliff with my good friends then my Baume & Mercier watch fell down to the abyss. It was not found until it was nightfall. We were amazed when we found it and it was completely uninjured! Now I have much more affection with this special Favorite Baume & Mercier watch.

As far as our knowledge goes, Baume & Mercier was established by Louis Victor and pierre Joseph Celestin Baume in swiss in 1830. It has a 180 years’ long history and won many honors. Baume & Mercier has held its design idea as “The Balance of Traditional Style and Modern Style” since it was established. The classical style of Baume & Mercier watches are designed as square shapes.

Now Baume & Mercier produces some new styles watches such as Catwalk series – crocodile’s skin watch strap watches. This style is suitable for the fashionable modern people. It seems more leisure and it led a trend of fashion in 1997.


I love Baume & Mercier watches!