Glamorize Me Pump in Satin of Louis Vuitton

More and more people love to buy accessories of Louis Vuitton today because of the top quality and appealing appearances of them. Even though they cost much, people still love them. It is not an exaggeration to say that accessories of Louis Vuitton are the most popular in the world. New products of this company are sold well each year. A pair of shoes, Louis Vuitton Glamorize Me Pump, was bought by many people in 2009 as one of the shoes collections of LV.

Most people were glamorized by this pair of beautiful pump with a feminine look. It looks graceful at the same time.

The embellishment of the satin rose is very outstanding. And it is the roses which make these pumps look impressive and beautiful. Without them, I am sure that this pair of footwear would be plain. The rose is crafted in satin with a stylish leaf in black. The leaf is made of patent leather. The lace flounce looks delicate. The roses and the lace flounces brighten the shoes.

It is a pair of high heels in fact with heels which measure 3. 5 cm. This height is proper for most people. Even as a pair of high heels, it is quite comfortable with padded insock. Unlike most shoes with high heels in the market which cause discomfort, this pair won’t bring any discomfort to the wearer’s feet.

It exists in two graceful colors of black and chair. The black pair looks very elegant. And it is excellent for ladies to wear for formal events. And it suits most outfits such as business attire, dresses, jeans etc. The chair pair looks more feminine compare with the black pair. It is great for ladies who always wear dresses with light colors such as white, light yellow, pink etc.

With a peep toe design and stiletto heels, this pair is great for spring’s wearing or summer’s wearing. The price of $815. 00 is good for most people. Most of the products of LV are sold at a price which is higher than $1, 000! With such a good price, most people can afford it. This is one of the reasons why it was sold so well in 2009.

The feminine and delicate design of this pair of pumps attracts many people in fact. It still looks charming today even though it was designed, produced and released two years ago.