Creative Leopard Print Lips Reveal Your Sexy and Funky Style

Leopard print lips are always in trendy. There are many leopard prints such as leopard shoes, bra and suit and so on here and there in our daily life. Today, I share the leopard print lips with us.

As we all know the creative lips send out a woman’s charm and sex appeal. The leopard lips are the one can make you in funky and chic smell. Here I am going to share how to get the sorta leopard print pink lips. I tried to keep it as simple as it’s possible.

The first step:

At the first is applying lip moisturizer on. Wait a little bit untill it’s absorb in. And all the extra moisture you can wipe off with a paper tissue.

The second step:

Line the lips with any pink lip liner you have. Don’t forget to put your lip liner on corners of the mouth! It looks such ridiculous when people ignore this part of the mouth. Please, connect bottom lip line with upper!

The third step:

Gently blend out all the harsh lines with a finger tip to get nice and smooth pink base sorta.

The last step:

With a regular eye shadow applicator pad on any Bright Pink color on, Matte or shimmery it’s totally up to you. And line your lips one more time. Just in case for precise lip contour line. And with a liquid black eyeliner start to draw a leopard print all over the lips. I used The Face Shop Black liquid eyeliner with a thin brush tip applicator.