Story of Gloves and Monkey

One day, a monkey saw a crowd of people wearing gloves of various colors, such as red, green, purple and yellow ones, while he was wandering in the city. This scene touched his heart; as a consequence, he bought a pair of gloves.

When he came back, other monkeys envied his gloves very much and all gave a positive comment on them. At the moment, an old donkey said, “ though gloves is beautiful, it isn’t applicable to monkey.” Hearing these words, the monkey angrily said, “ you saying so must be out of envy, why don’t the monkey use gloves?” The old donkey replied, “ you need to climb the tree every day, or else how do you clawed at the tree?” The monkey retorted, “I am quite good at climbing the tree. It doesn’t matter for me to do in gloves. ”The old donkey hadn’t persuaded the monkey to give up his idea, so he left.

 Next morning, the monkey felt his stomach empty, so he decided to get some fruits to eat. He saw a tree in front him infesting with big red apples, then he ran to the tree and climbed up. After he picked up lots of apples, he jumped to the ground, however, owing to the smooth gloves, he didn’t catch the tree, and as a result, he fell from the tree.

 After this lesson, the monkey knew that monkeys couldn’t wear gloves.

The story tells us a truth that even though something is quite intriguing, it is not necessarily suitable to us. If you try something easily, you will probably suffer losses.